Src Material

Empowering artists in the era of synthetic creativity

The practice of art has shifted. What it means to be an artist using technology — or a technologist with a penchant for art — is continuously rewritten.

Ways of thinking about and with technology emerge through trial and error. This is an exciting, but daunting prospect for artists seeking to invent new possibilities without precedent.

That’s where we come in: supporting connections between emergent technology and nascent concepts for promising artists.

Src Material is a creative technology nonprofit building bridges between the arts and emerging tech. We bring together the technology and resources of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in advancing experimental tech-enabled arts regionally and internationally through pro-bono tech amplification, microgrants and community development.

What Source?

In programming speak, the word “source” is often shortened to “src”, referring to source code for a program. 

Src Material weaves source code with source material – the raw and defining matter at the heart of many artists’ work.